15min Routine: Foam Rolling

Do you know our course "How to do Foam Rolling?" Now we bring you the best example. 15 min routine for your body! Create an habit in your day, reserve your 15min a day to listen your body.
raulsanchez · July 1, 2020

About Instructor

Raül Sánchez is a strength and conditioning coach from Spain that works with general population and athletes of all levels. He also runs in Spain Certified Functional Strength Coach, a renowned certification for done worldwide. He has a very diverse experience working in gyms and clubs, he has worked in Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, one of the best facilities in the world and has currently accepted a job in China to work with Olympic level athletes. He has a degree in sport science but his education does not stop there, he is constantly reading and taking courses from the best schools in the world
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