Cardio Training: Full Body Workout for Beginners

Check off cardio and core without ever stepping on a treadmill. If you want to shed unwanted fat, lose weight and get in phenomenal shape while having fun, this is the program for you. "Cardio Core" workouts keep your heart pumping by challenging your core and cardiovascular fitness. Really perfect for beginners and/or people with not so much free time.
TamaraDusan · June 28, 2020

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Hi! My name is Dušan Milošević. I'm owner of Steel Gym in Serbia in which i also work as strength and conditioning coach and fitness instructor. Finished college for Sport and Physical education in 2011. I've been training brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling and boxing for about 10 years.   Hi! My name is Tamara Milošević. I'm owner of Steel Gym in Serbia in which I also work as fitness trainer and strength and conditioning coach. I have master's degree in Sports and Physical Education, and I have black belt in Karate. I also have extensive knowledge in nutrion and diet.

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