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FusionAthletics · July 4, 2020

Fusion Athletics represents the interactive nature of training, nutrition, and lifestyle. It also symbolises the merging of two minds who share the same mission

Stuart Diplock 

Holds a BSc in Strength and Conditioning from St. Mary’s University and has been coaching in the sport performance and Crossfit realm for 8 years. He aspires to bring a high-performance approach to the everyday athlete.⁣

​Specialises in:

  • Training high performance (non-athlete) individuals ⁣
  • Sport-specific strength and conditioning
  • Weightlifting and Powerlifting Performance⁣
  • CrossFit Competition Prep


  • Completing ALTIS Strength and Conditioning Foundations Course⁣

Nazharia Schifra

Graduating with a business and management degree, Nazharia Schifra aspires to bring a fresh and unique approach to training and nutrition into South East Asia. She has been coaching Weightlifting and Crossfit for 5 years and has a forte in nutrition for the everyday athlete.⁣

Specialising in:

  • ‘General population’ (non-athlete) nutrition and weight loss
  • Sports performance nutrition⁣
  • Training high performance (non-athlete) individuals
  • Weightlifting and Crossfit performance⁣


  • Completing Mac Nutrition Uni Nutrition Certification⁣

What are you going to learn in this lesson? How to Avoid the current and typical mistakes in the CLEAN movement

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