Fusion Athletics represents the interactive nature of training, nutrition, and lifestyle. It also symbolises the merging of two minds who share the same mission

Stuart Diplock 

Holds a BSc in Strength and Conditioning from St. Mary’s University and has been coaching in the sport performance and Crossfit realm for 8 years. He aspires to bring a high-performance approach to the everyday athlete.⁣

​Specialises in:

  • Training high performance (non-athlete) individuals ⁣
  • Sport-specific strength and conditioning
  • Weightlifting and Powerlifting Performance⁣
  • CrossFit Competition Prep


  • Completing ALTIS Strength and Conditioning Foundations Course⁣

Nazharia Schifra

Graduating with a business and management degree, Nazharia Schifra aspires to bring a fresh and unique approach to training and nutrition into South East Asia. She has been coaching Weightlifting and Crossfit for 5 years and has a forte in nutrition for the everyday athlete.⁣

Specialising in:

  • ‘General population’ (non-athlete) nutrition and weight loss
  • Sports performance nutrition⁣
  • Training high performance (non-athlete) individuals
  • Weightlifting and Crossfit performance⁣


  • Completing Mac Nutrition Uni Nutrition Certification⁣

What are you going to learn in this lesson? Nutrients that provide calories or energy and are required in large amounts to maintain our body functions and carry out the activities of daily life. Which they are? How to eat them? How many times?

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  • 1 Lesson
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