Terms and Conditions – Normal Users & Creators

Terms and conditions of the User content creator. – The present terms and conditions of the User creator of content are applicable for the User creator of content is within the web site www.spinnhub.com. The Content Creator User accepts and acknowledges that it is his or her duty to comply with these terms and conditions. It is established that as a Content Creator User, you are one hundred percent responsible, disassociating www.spinnhub.com from any kind of responsibility, for all the content that you publish within the website, including classes, quizzes, exercises, chats, exams, videos, tutorials and others without limitation, so the Content Creator User must always provide and keep updated accurate information about your account. In addition, by uploading a course, tutorial, or material to SpinnHub under their personal account, a Content Creator User represents under good faith and fair dealing that they own or have the license, right, consent, permission, and authority to use such materials and to authorize SpinnHub to publish and market their content on the website and that such content does not directly infringe on the intellectual property rights of any third party. The information or courses used by the content creator must always be clear and precise, demonstrating that he or she has the skills, credentials, experience, education, training, knowledge and abilities, to be able to teach or transmit the services offered through his or her content to other users, guaranteeing quality service in accordance with the quality standards in his or her sector.

It is strictly forbidden for a content creator User to publish information that is not of his intellectual property or that directly or indirectly affects a third party, to publish content or information that is inappropriate, offensive, racist, with hate messages, sexist, pornographic, dubious, false, misleading, illegitimate, defamatory or slanderous, or that goes against the integrity of any person, as well as to provide his access to unauthorized third parties for the transmission of the services or content agreed upon. On the other hand, the User content creator may not transmit unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, junk mail, spam, malware, or any other form through SpinnHub services to any user. Involving SpinnHub, its directors or affiliates in obtaining licenses, permits or rights, impersonating or substituting the personality of SpinnHub management or staff, as well as granting licenses and authorizations to other users’ or third parties’ accounts without SpinnHub’s authorization, performing any kind of unfair or malicious actions against other content creator Users, as well as abusing SpinnHub’s services in general. In the event that he decides to use a multimedia element not owned by him, he will have to notify it in the same course, add it in the course references and communicate it at the time of delivery of the course material to SpinnHub.

In the first part of the project. Until July 4th (date when the platform is published online) SpinnHub helps all users who create content to upload all the different courses on the platform. In this case the terms and conditions do not change. The same process and intellectual property will be taken into account. Once a user requests access to Spinnhub in his control panel, the user can do the creation process by himself/herself. The User content creator by registering and uploading content to the SpinnHub services grants SpinnHub the rights to offer, market, exploit, disclose, transmit, or any other action related to the marketing of the product without any limitation of the content uploaded to the website, as well as to assign such licenses to other users or third parties directly involved with the business. This includes the right to add subtitles or otherwise modify the content to ensure accessibility. However, the User creator of content has the right to remove all or part of his or her submitted content from the services at any time, provided that there are no current licenses (persons taking that course or having paid for it) for that content. In the event that a content creator wants to remove his or her content and there are licenses in effect for other users, he or she must guarantee the users with valid licenses to use them within the SpinnHub services, or if applicable, must reimburse the full amounts to them, by way of compensation and damages, giving SpinnHub the right to withhold any payment or commission to ensure the return or refund of the same.

The User content creator gives his consent to SpinnHub to be able to record all or part of his content, to guarantee the quality and delivery, marketing, promotion, demonstrations or management of services, granting permission to use his name, portrait, voice, or image to offer, deliver, market, promote, demonstrate and sell the services, waiving any right of privacy, publicity or any other right of similar nature, to the extent permitted by law.

The User creator of content when entering the website, agrees to comply with all terms and conditions, as well as these website policies, as well as the quality standards of the services. You should always keep up to date with the policies, terms and conditions, changes or modifications that may arise over time, as the use of SpinnHub is subject to their approval.

SpinnHub reserves the right in its sole discretion to remove courses, suspend payments, or ban content creators for any reason at any time, without notice, including in the following cases When a course or a Content Creator User fails to comply with these Website policies, for any legal action against the Content Creator User, when a course does not meet quality standards or is negatively rated by users, when the Content Creator User violates these Website or Content Creator User terms and conditions, when the behavior of a content creator User may directly or indirectly affect SpinnHub when a content creator User engages the services of a merchant or other business partner that violates SpinnHub’s policies, as determined by SpinnHub in its sole discretion.

If a User who creates content wishes to add a collaborator or assistant teacher to his courses, he must always request authorization from SpinnHub. By adding any third party, the user understands that they are authorizing them to take certain actions that may affect their account, SpinnHub, and their courses, and the user will be held 100% responsible for the actions that they may take on the website, or towards the users, so these third parties must know and accept the policies of SpinnHub. SpinnHub disclaims all liability for any conflict that may arise between a content creator and his or her authorized third party. However, SpinnHub, at its discretion and taking care of the rights of users, reserves the right to remove, suspend the licenses or account, suspend payments in part or in whole, if an authorized third party will cause damage within the website to users or SpinnHub, being the user creator of content the only responsible for compensation or damages that may have been generated. Likewise, SpinnHub will not under any circumstances cover any kind of fee or remuneration under any circumstances to such authorized third parties, being the User creator of content the only responsible for covering these costs, releasing SpinnHub and its directors or affiliates from any situation that may exist between them.

The User content creator and authorized third parties accept and acknowledge that no contractual relationship exists between them and the other users, so the only information you will receive about users will be provided through SpinnHub services, and that SpinnHub will not under any circumstances provide such information considered sensitive, confidential and privacy. They also accept that the data they will receive cannot be used for purposes other than those provided in their services within the website, or to offer them services outside the SpinnHub platform, and that they will not request additional personal data, nor will they store any type of data from other users outside the platform. The content creator user will indemnify SpinnHub against any claims arising from the use of the users’ personal data.

When creating a course, the content creator will be asked to select a base price for the course, and may decide to offer the course for free. When a user makes a purchase using a foreign currency, the amount corresponding to the amount of the base price requested including the conversion rates will be charged. In addition, the content creator grants permission to share his or her courses free of charge with our employees or selected users, as well as in cases where access accounts have to be restored that have previously purchased his or her courses, with the understanding that he or she will not receive any compensation in these cases.
Creation requirements for a Content Creator User: you have to create 70% free courses of the total number of courses you are going to create within SpinnHub. The free courses will last between 20 and 30 minutes. The other 30% will be premium or priced courses that the content creator User decides for himself. With a duration of more than 45 minutes. Exceptional situations can be contemplated that are agreed upon between SpinnHub and the content creator user.
If a user purchases a product or service in a country that requires SpinnHub to cover such sales or use tax, value-added tax, or any other tax that may exist in such country, whether national, state or local, under applicable laws, SpinnHub will collect and pay such transaction taxes to the appropriate tax authorities in connection with such sales, and SpinnHub may increase the sales price at our discretion to cover such taxes.

Affiliate payments and commissions: When a person signs up on SpinnHub they automatically become an affiliate. Each user, whether or not they are a content creator, will be able to provide and distribute to their users, clients and contacts. Also that referral link can be shared in social networks, either promoting your courses/profile or any course/profile within the platform. The content creator users may request SpinnHub to pay their remuneration every time they have an accumulated amount of minimum 100 (one hundred) dollars or more, the same amount that will be deposited to the Stripe account and PayPal account/credit card that the content creator user has designated from his profile. SpinnHub makes it known to all content creator Users that the commissions are handled as follows:
A) If a Content Creator User or a Non-Content Creator User shares their link to their contacts and/or promotes their link, through online platforms or offline events, causing one or more users to register as members on SpinnHub www.spinnhub.com through their link or referral code, the Content Creator User and/or Non-Content Creator User will get 50% of the fee that that new user decides to pay. Either monthly, quarterly or annually. The platform agrees to pay recurrently for the life of the user. That is, if the user becomes a member thanks to an affiliation code, the user who has promoted this code and has gotten that new member, will receive 50% on a recurring basis until that new user decides to cancel the payment fee with SpinnHub. To that 50% membership fee will have to be deducted the costs of the payment platform, either Stripe or Paypal.
B) According to the premium courses that account for 30% of the total courses of content creator users, the platform will keep 10% of the total price. The remaining amount will be given to the content creator User once the transfer costs of the payment platform are paid, either Stripe or Paypal.
C) SpinnHub can agree with one or more users to have different commissions and payment systems. In any case, the User(s) and SpinnHub will keep the agreement between the two parties confidential. If a User with different conditions than the others makes his conditions public he will be automatically removed from the platform and SpinnHub will be the sole owner of that content.
SpinnHub is not responsible and disclaims any kind of payment or commission to a content creator or non-content-creating user, if; a) The user registered on www.spinnhub.com using a different affiliate code or link than the content creator or user. b) If the user was already part of www.spinnhub.com. c) If SpinnHub. com receives any notification that such course, or material, is not owned by the Content Creator User and infringes the copyright of a third party. e) Any person who has not passed the KYC and meeting 1&1 process with our Content Creator User team. f) At the sole discretion of SpinnHub.com if an account is found to be inflicting or not complying with the terms and conditions of SpinnHub.com.

As long as you are a content creator User with courses advertised within the SpinnHub services, you are subject to the requirements below: The user can create the courses freely and independently. You do not have to follow any preconceived design or template. Whether or not you are a content creator, you may only use our trademarks in connection with the promotion and sale of our courses on SpinnHub or your participation with SpinnHub. You must immediately respond if SpinnHub asks you to stop using them. You must not do so: Use our trademarks in a manner that is deceptive, denigrating, involves endorsements or sponsorships, or approves of courses or services, in a manner that violates applicable laws, materials, obscene, indecent, or illegal.

The content creator User warrants that he or she is not restricted from using the SpinnHub services under any sanctions or exploitation laws, if a content creator User is subject to such restrictions he or she will be notified and SpinnHub will have the right to terminate any obligations to you, with immediate effect and without any further liability to you. You may not use the Services to conduct or facilitate any transaction with any other individual or entity subject to such restrictions, and you may not remove, export, or permit the exploitation of the Services in a manner that would violate any law or regulation.

As a Content Creator User, you may delete your account at any time, provided you do not have any current licenses from users, but you may suspend the subscription to such courses for new users. After all pending licenses have expired, SpinnHub will credit any remaining scheduled payments due to you prior to the deletion of your account, provided that, if there are any current registrations for your courses, such users may continue to access such content until the end of the courses. As previously stated, if a user cancels a course and leaves the students without a guarantee, the user will have to cover the total refund to the users who had this effect, without any responsibility for SpinnHub, authorizing SpinnHub to withhold the pending payments to cover these effects.

These content creator User terms and conditions may be updated from time to time at SpinnHub’s sole discretion, by updating these policies or implementing new conditions, so the content creator User or non-content creator User must agree to them in order to use SpinnHub’s services. If a Content Creator User or a Non-Content Creator User continues to use the services after the changes become effective, they will confirm that they accept the changes.
The Content Creator User and the Non-Content Creator User agree and acknowledge that no joint venture, partnership, employment, hiring, or agency relationship exists between them and SpinnHub, nor any of their officers or direct employees.

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